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I distinctly remember my first meeting with the goat world. My husband and I were invited to a new friend’s home for a cook-out and upon pulling into their driveway we saw a group of men standing around a newer model vehicle – waving their arms frantically – my husband sat and stared and then looked at me and said “WHAT IS THAT???!!!” – Lo and behold, there stood 2 goats on the hood of the vehicle – refusing to move and looking quizzically at the frantic men, obviously enjoying the results of their mischievousness. I laughed and told my husband – “We have to get one of those……….” and he responded – “WHY?!” That has been our relationship with goats ever since – me – “I have to get one of those……..” and – he – “WHY??!!”……..

    That incident happened 43 years ago and the relationship between goats, me, my husband – remains the same! I am still exclaiming “We have to get one of those….” (of a certain desired breeding) and he is still exclaiming “WHY?!” The Zimmerman family continues to enjoy the whole flavor of their small farm, especially our delightful Nubian herd. And, my husband has been such a good sport thru it all! We feel we have developed a very strong, correct line of Nubians in our small herd.

We have home schooled and raised 5 children – each benefiting greatly from the healthy atmosphere of caring for the goats and other farm chores and animals and growing up on goat’s milk and many of it’s by-products. Now we are sharing this wonderful life with 6 granddaughters!  What fun grandchildren are!

Please enjoy our website and feel free to contact us concerning kids (of the goat kind…..) for sale or with any other questions you may have.

Thank you for spending time on our site,

Jan Zimmerman

For questions regarding goats email: jztwinmeadows@yahoo.com
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